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Best Traders In The World Using Fundamental Analysis

Tue Mar 30 2021 14:58
A lot of traders use fundamental analysis, but it is important to know which expert traders use fundamental analysis. Many traders use and recommend using fundamental analysis. Along with it, many traders question fundamental analysis and its accuracy. 

Do you think that fundamental analysis is beneficial? Or do you think that there are successful traders who use fundamental analysis? Yes, many top traders use fundamental analysis. 

Most of the traders think that fundamental analysis doesn't work and it is an outdated technique to analyze stocks. What do you think about fundamental analysis? Do you think that it is a good trading style? If you are looking for an expert view on it, then you must have to listen to what the expert says about it. 

Do you need to see whether expert traders use fundamental analysis or not? Here is the answer, here we will find which best traders in the world use fundamental analysis. 

List Of Traders Who Use Fundamental Analysis 

If you are looking for a list of traders who use fundamental analysis, then here you are at the right place. Following are some of the top traders in the world. These traders are being followed by many retail traders. You can also follow them if you want to see how fundamental analysis works. 

These traders are using fundamental analysis in very successful ways. But, it is not worth saying that they only depend upon fundamental analysis. Because they have many ways of analyzing stocks or currency pairs. As a beginner, you can follow them and their trading approach. 

#1. Warren Buffet 

Warren Buffet is one of the most successful stock traders in the world. He is being followed by millions of traders worldwide. He is not a technical analysis follower. He follows fundamental analysis while analyzing stocks. 

In one of his interviews, he stated many times that he finds technical analysis a useless method to analyze stocks. It means that he is following fundamental analysis for stock investment. 

#2. Jim Simons 

If we talk about the most successful traders, then we cannot neglect Jim Simons and his success. Jim Simons is also following fundamental analysis. But, as we have said that all the expert traders are not following a single trading strategy. 

They have different trading strategies and trading accounts for different financial markets. But in most of his trading recommendations, he mentioned fundamental analysis. 

#3. Ray Dalio 

Ray Dalio is also a successful trader who uses fundamental analysis. But, he is not a regular user of fundamental analysis. But he recommends fundamental analysis to his followers. 

From stocks to other trading assets or financial instruments he uses this trading method to make money. 

#4. Samual Leach 

He shares his tactics and all his gained information with his followers on social media. Being a successful trader he is also helping others to gain success. 

His tactics can help you a lot. And the best thing is that he also recommends fundamental analysis as one of the best trading techniques. But, he also recommends technical analysis sometimes. 

#5. Jarrat Davis 

Jarrat Davis is also a popular trading market investor who believes that fundamental analysis can help traders a lot. He never recommends fundamental analysis strongly. But going through all his publications, he is indicating that fundamental analysis helps him to do profitable trading. 

#6. Walter Peters 

Walter Peters is also using fundamental analysis in his currency trading. Being a forex trader he uses various trading methods to become a successful trader. And fundamental analysis is one of these trading styles. You can also follow Walter Peters if you are looking for successful trading tactics. 

Why Use Fundamental Analysis? 

An expert trader using fundamental analysis doesn't mean that it will be beneficial for you. If you are not using fundamental analysis and looking for valid reasons to use it. Then here are some of the most common benefits that you will get from fundamental analysis. 

Fundamental analysis can be helpful for you due to the following reasons. 


Fundamental analysis provides accurate results to the traders while evaluating financial assets. No matter if you are involved in stock-trading or forex-market trading. You can get accurate price forecasts with the help of fundamental analysis. 

Ease Of Use 

Fundamental analysis is considered to be less complex as compared to technical trading. You don't have to mess up with technical analysis. 

Technical analysis is considered as one of the difficult trading technologies. And if you are looking for an easy method then fundamental analysis is one of the best methods because it is easy. 

Realistic Results 

Technical analysis is based on past performance and historical market data. That is why it provides unrealistic results sometimes. But when it comes to fundamental analysis, then you will get real results only. That is why most experts believe that fundamental analysis is better than technical analysis. 

Should You Use It? 

Now the question is whether you should use fundamental analysis or not. Most of the traders are confused about this decision. They think that fundamental analysis is useful only for institutional traders. But, it can be beneficial for you also if you consider some major factors. 

Depends On These 5 Factors 

The success rate of your fundamental analysis depends upon the following five factors. If you consider all these factors then you can achieve profitable trading. 

#1. Trading Style 

Your trading style matters a lot. If you are a short-term trader then using fundamental analysis won't be that beneficial. But, for long-term traders, fundamental analysis is more beneficial. 

#2. Financial Instrument 

The financial instruments that are being added and traded in your trading portfolio are also responsible for the success. Using fundamental analysis for wrong investment instruments is also a bad idea. 

#3. Trading Experience 

Wrong investment advice or a trading tip can make you lose money. That is why trading education and trading experience are important to consider. If you are an experienced trader then you can tackle the live trading problems and make the best trading decisions. 

#4. Trading Goals 

What is your trading goal? Whether you are looking for long-term benefits or you need quick returns. What is the return on investment for you? What is your risk appetite? All these goals matter a lot to you. 

Summary - Best Traders In The World 

Trading can help you earn profits if you are analyzing and trading the financial assets in the right way. If you are not analyzing them then it will be hard for you to get many benefits. So the analyzing part is the most important in trading. That is why it is important for all traders, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert trader. 

Evaluating stocks or currency pairs is important before you enter a market to invest in that particular asset. Choosing and analyzing an asset in the wrong way will make you lose money in the market. That is why you have to follow the expert traders and find out what they prefer while analyzing assets. 

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