eGold Is Live - More Users Can Purchase It With 48 Fiat Currencies & 160+ Cryptos

Wed Jan 13 2021 10:44
Digital gold currencies are also in trend and giving a nice return on investment. Have you invested in these digital gold currencies (DGC) or are you still waiting to buy any digital gold currency? Here is good news for you & this news is about the buying and selling process of eGold.  

You can now purchase it or swap it with the help of cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. All these currencies are based on different currency technologies. 

Like cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology or cryptography, and fiat currencies are backed by the government itself. So all these mediums can be used to buy eGold now.  

Anyone can buy the eGold 

Anybody who wants to buy or sell eGold can use various digital exchange platforms. Many fintech companies out there consider this announcement as a major step in finance technology. 

eGold is one of the best options for investors if they are looking for a safe and secure investment. Many investors faced an issue in the past with eGold.  

This issue is related to swapping. Many blockchain investors wanted to invest in eGold with the help of some cryptocurrencies. But they were unable to swap their cryptocurrency with eGold. But now many exchanges have eGold listed and can be swapped or purchased using any cryptocurrency and fiat currency.  

What Is eGold? 

It was founded by another fintech company in 1996 and at that time it was not so popular. But in the next ten years, this digital gold currency became famous and transferred billions of US-dollars online under the e-gold ltd banner.  

After that due to the huge number of transfers and a big amount transferred through e-gold it was restricted. But now eGold is again live and will be available for buying for the online investors. The best thing is that you can buy it using any cryptocurrency or fiat currency. 

But, there are a limited number of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies that you can swap with eGold. But still, you can use many of them. Below you will get to know which currencies you can use to buy or swap eGold and which platforms or technologies will be involved.  

Digital Gold Currency 

As its name states that digital gold currency is a digital or electronic form of money. But what gold is doing here? This currency creates its value with gold reserves. 

Every unit or amount of this currency is given to the user with a gold reserve. Many digital gold currencies are there in the market. But the first digital gold currency ever founded on this planet was eGold.  

Gold & Silver Reserve Inc. 

It is a company which provides a platform as an exchange for metal reserves, digital currencies, etc. If we see it as complete, then it is a fintech company. But also it provides an exchange platform for online buying and sale of precious metals like Gold, Silver, etc.  

eGold On Elrond’s Listing 

As you may think that which fintech company is looking forward to the eGold live news, then the list is so long. Elrond is one of the major companies which is excited about eGold. Elrond is a new blockchain technology-based company. Which provides new designs, algorithms, and architecture to enhance the usability of virtual currencies.  

2 Million Users Will Get Easy Access 

Elrond has around 2 million users worldwide. These users are from different parts of the world and all of them are using Elrond’s technology for their cryptocurrency market investment. Elrond has listings on many exchanges. That is why they are excited about eGold. Because more than 2 million users of Elrond will get easy access to eGold. 

Changelly Exchange 

Have you ever listened to Changelly exchange? Yes, if you are involved in the cryptocurrency market or any other online financial investments, then you must have heard about Changelly exchange platform. 

This platform will be providing an opportunity for the users or investors to buy or swap eGold with other currencies. Elrond also has a listing on Changelly and its users will also buy or swap eGold on Changelly platform. 

Buy, Sell Or Swap 

The best thing on Changelly or any other exchange platform will be that it will provide all the options for the users. As a buyer, you can buy eGold with fiat currency or cryptocurrency. 

No matter if you are willing to pay bitcoins in exchange for eGold. Now you can swap any cryptocurrency or fiat money with eGold. So it will be so much convenient for every buyer to get eGold in the wallet. 

Fiat Or Crypto Currencies 

In the past, only fiat currencies were used to buy eGold or any other digital gold currency. But now cryptocurrencies are also available to swap with eGold. Many investors out there have cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, dogecoin, altcoin, bitcoin cash, etc. 

All these cryptocurrencies had limitations. The buyers were required to buy eGold with fiat currencies only. If someone had cryptocurrencies, then they had to convert cryptos into fiat currencies and they were able to buy eGold. But now cryptocurrencies can be used to buy eGold. 

Why eGold Is A Better Investment? 

Do you think that eGold is a better online investment option? There are many other investment instruments available out there in the market. But what special features eGold has for you? Why the whole world is excited to invest in eGold. Let's find out the actual reason behind it. 

Accessible With Cryptos 

This feature was not available in the past. But now it will be added to the eGold features. If you have a cryptocurrency wallet and hold some cryptos. Then you can access eGold without any issue. So without wasting any time you can easily access eGold. 

Secure And Safe 

Buying and investing in eGold is a lot safer than any other digital currency. Many virtual currencies are out there. But digital gold currencies are one of the best options. 

Operating Costs 

Operational costs are almost zero when you buy eGold or any other digital gold currency. So always keep it in mind because you will be making more profit out of it.  

Why eGold Is Not A Good Option? 

There are some drawbacks of eGold too. Following are some disadvantages of buying or investing in eGold. Let's have a look at them. 

Data Security 

Data security is a big issue when you are holding digital gold currency. Not only DGC but any digital currency have data security issues. 

Political Risk 

Political risk is always there to spoil your plans. Nobody knows when a country or government will make changes to the regulations related to eGold or all the digital gold currencies. 


eGold is live and it will be available to buy or swap with fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies. More than 48 fiat currencies will be used to buy eGold. But the major part of this is that now you can use 160+ cryptocurrencies to buy or swap eGold. 

So if you are looking for better investment in digital mode. Then digital gold currency is one of the best options available. 

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