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Gulf Keystone Share Price - 2021 Overview

Tue Feb 16 2021 07:08
Gulf Keystone Petroleum is the major oil company in the Kurdistan of Iraq and also a key player in the world. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, almost all oil and gas companies got a hit. But on the other side, there were some organizations that made profits. 

Gulf Keystone is among those companies whose shares are trading with profitability. If you are planning to invest your money in Gulf Keystone, then this article is for you. In this article, we will have a look at the share performance of GKP and know how the market will look like in the future.  

Gulf Keystone Share Price-Current Status 

As of now, the share price of GKP is around 157.92 and investors are bullish on this company. The performance of the GKP company in this massive outbreak was impressive. As compared to other companies, despite being small, the firm has given good results. 

Economies are restarting after the impact of COVID-19 has reduced and this is a good signal. Investors believe that oil and gas are two fundamental needs that can never end. So, if we look at the future perspective and fundamental analysis, the company looks solid.   

The company has always performed the best in the previous years despite being new to the market. If we look at the past growth of this company, it's much more thrilling than other companies. The past data of six months shows a significant growth in Gulf Keystone shares price. 

Previous Performance 

The past performance of Gulf Keystone Petroleum has been remarkable with profitability. If we analyze the growth of Gulf Keystone Petroleum in the past six months, the journey was of profits. 

In August 2020, the share was trading at the price of the Gulf Keystone Petroleum share was around 94.50 GBX. Since that time, the share has surged by more than 60 GBX today. We need to keep in mind that this growth happened during the tough COVID-19 times. 

With such strong fundamentals, it's confident to say that the shares will thrive in the future. Although the prices of GKP have fallen in the past years it's still trading strong.  

Future perspective: 

The past of the Gulf Keystone Petroleum company is considerable for investing. But if you are wondering how the Gulf Keystone Petroleum share will perform in 2021 then don't worry. We have done the complete market analysis for you over Gulf Keystone Petroleum. 

If we compare the current price of GKP with its previous prices, we can say it's a smart buy. As of now, the share is available at a 'discount' of almost 30%. This is the main reason why investors are much interested in buying GKP in bulk. 

Investors believe that GKP's shares are a good buy from a long term perspective. As the situation will ease in the upcoming time, the company will boost its production.  

Early records of GKP's business approach 

The company's record for doing business and expansion has remained a key point for people. The executive board of Gulf Keystone Petroleum is very rapid in diversifying. In the year 2009, the company did add new production sharing contracts for future growth. 

Their strategy has always remained towards scaling the business in a profitable way. Even, in recent times, the company is seeking opportunities for expansion. Their diversification decision was accurate and it helped the company to earn more assets.  

Financial figures of GKP's business 

The financial figures for Gulf Keystone Petroleum look promising and they are stronger. The main reason why this oil company will thrive in the upcoming time is debt. As of June 2020, the company has a total debt of around US$98.4m. And, the best part about GKP is that they hold around US$143.6m in cash which has made them stronger. So, we can say that the company has US$45.2m net cash. 

As per the industry experts, this figure is not bad and the company is on the track to recovery. As the financial figures of GKP are stronger, it's the right stock for investment. 

The company had laid off around 40% of the workforce due to the COVID-19 crisis. This decision for the company showed its effect after a couple of months on their business. By cutting down its resources, GKP managed to maintain its services without new debt.  

Assets of GKP company for share growth: 

Along with cash, the company also has assets under their name which will give them a boost in the upcoming time. As the company will increase its production, the cash will help in streamlining. 

As per the company's growth strategy, they are planning to add more resources to their process. This will not only help GKP in faster production but also in profitability.  

How strong is GKP? 

As of now, the company's balance sheet data shows that they have liabilities of around US$121.2m due within a year. And on the other side, the company is due for the receivables of around US$66.6m. And, along with the recent cash holdings of US$143.6m, the company is in profit. As per the experts, the company will not face any kind of issues related to funds. 

The company is in the position to pay off the debt in parts without affecting the other processes. GKP's business looks solid, sound, and sustainable in the upcoming time. Along with this, the company has already increased its EBIT value by around 76$ in the last 12 months. 

This growth is a sign that they can pay off their debts with ease. From the past and current condition of the company, we can say that the GKP's share performance will be positive.  

Current oil and conditions: 

From the past eight to ten months, the condition was not favorable for all the oil and gas companies. But, as the economies are trying hard to pace up, these core companies are also getting a push. As of now, all the companies are operating at a lower limit due to less demand. But in the upcoming time, all companies will take a boost in production and profitability. 

This core sector can not operate on lower limits for a longer time and there are several reasons behind it. So, from a long-term perspective, many oil companies are good for investment. But, you need to pay attention to the technical analysis and fundamentals. Once you analyze the company's profile, only then invest for better results.  


Earlier in 2020, people were investing in gold for a safer investment, but things are recovering now. If we talk about the future performance of Gulf Keystone Petroleum, it's bright. Be it their balance sheet, assets, lower debt, they have many positive signals. If you are thinking about investing in Gulf Keystone Petroleum, it's the right time. 

We can say that the shares of GKP are available at a discount and it's a bullish opportunity. You can diversify your portfolio and allot some capital in this company to take a ride in the upcoming rally. Gulf Keystone Petroleum will thrive in the upcoming time amid growing demand. Buy Gulf Keystone Petroleum shares in 2021 and hold them for better results in a later time.  

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