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How Industrial Production Affects The Forex Markets

Tue Feb 16 2021 18:31
Growth data for every country matters the most for gauging various factors. A country's growth is in the influence of how much production it is doing on a monthly or yearly basis. 

Finance analysts often see hiked industrial production as a sign of growth. It shows that the economy is getting stronger in a direct or indirect way. Simple industrial product numbers can affect various aspects of a nation. Be it jobs, foreign investment, or impact on the forex market, this metric is impactful. 

Among many such areas, forex markets are one sector that also feels its impact and traders should be aware of it. In this article, we will have a look at what exactly is industrial production numbers and how it affects the FX.  
Why forex has a direct impact 
Before diving into how the FX market gets an impact from the data, it's vital to know why forex gets hit by this. As compared to other markets, forex is the most volatile and liquid domain. Traders, brokers, and promoters deal in trillions of dollars each day. And all the currencies get a direct impact from what's happening in their countries. There are several forex market movers that impact the flow of the domain. 

So, a forex trader must keep an eye on the production data as it will impact their trading strategy and profits. As there are several major incidents happening all over the world and currencies get a hit. It happens because we can call forex a collective market of all the nations.  

That is the main reason why the forex market gets a hit from the production data and other reports every day.  

Traders should not miss it 

Traders across the globe can not miss the data as they can save their money from a loss. And on the other side, traders also get opportunities to make more after knowing the data. This data plays a major role in performing fundamental analysis which is crucial for all. 

If you are a beginner then you should need to know how industrial production affects the forex. It will help traders in saving both the money and time when the market goes wild.   

What exactly is it? 

Every country has its own products and their respective capacities to make items. Regardless of category, each country produces everything of a certain quantity. This total production output is from the country in manufacturing, mining, and more. 

In simple terms, the industrial production index gauges the growth of the country. This metric shows the growth rate of an economy within a particular time slot. A simple example of this term will be — how much production the US country did in the last month. With IPI, you can know this to predict the position of its currency. 

On the other side, GDP is different from it and calculates a different metric. GDP gauges the price that customers are paying to buy any good in the nation. And industrial production shows the prices paid by manufacturers to produce items.  

How does it work? 

IPI is a little bit complex and it uses a references point to gauge the performance of current times. Authorized government bodies release these production index numbers. They measure the levels of productions of different industries and match it with a base year. Some of the core sectors that fall in it are electrical, gas, and manufacturing. 

Industrial production calculates two things of a given nation — the first thing is the capacity of production and the second is the use of the total capacity. On one hand, the capacity is the production level estimations that a country is maintaining over a period of time. On the other side, the CU is a metric which shows the actual output to capacity ratio.  

How is it calculated? 

The IPI has a relative base year which is 2012 and all the calculations are with the reference to this year. One thing you need to keep in mind is that this index does not show the absolute production volumes of a country. This metric is capable of showing the production growth or decline in percentage. This percentage is in the reference of 2012 which is the current base year. 

The production index data is always varied and there are many reasons behind it. Inflation, physical inputs, unexpected scenarios are some of the factors. Along with the total production, it also takes the data of working hours of the employees. Makers use this working hours data when the production data is not available.  

How to access this data? 

The production sector is a club of various small and big manufacturing industries. As every country is in the export of some items and it helps in making the report. For example, if a country has mobile chargers, and this commodity is very active in export. Then this data will be very useful for the makers to consider while drafting the figures. 

And when it comes to reading the data, you can get the reports from publications. There are several agencies that collect the data from the government and prepare reports.  

Industrial Production impact on forex markets: 

The simple reason why forex also gets a hit from industrial production is liquidity. Industries are running on currencies and when anything happens, it will impact the economy. And, when a nation's economy has gone through some correction, it will impact its currency. 

So, when people will trade the currencies, they will get an impact from the position of that currency. The currency strength shows the health of a nation and it reflects in the forex market. The decline in the currency value will soon hit its position in the forex market. This is the reason why every trader needs to focus on industrial production. 

If the data is on the declining slope, it will affect the GDP and other metrics of the country. If the reports for a country are weak, the foreign investors might not invest in a heavy way.  

All factors compound together: 

With this single metric, several other factors experience a hit in a direct or an indirect manner. Be it IPI, GDP, unemployment rate or any other metric, all compound together. So, it becomes important for the traders to go through the reports to see the stability of the country. Only after knowing the country's stability, traders can define profitability over trades. 

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, you need to focus more on this factor. Along with your technical analysis, this data will give you an edge. You will be able to refine your forex trading strategies in incorporating IPI in your data.  


Forex market is very volatile and there are several factors that can turn things upside down. To be on a safer side and boost productivity, you need to have solid data from reliable sources. Once you learn to interpret the industrial production, you can make accurate decisions. 

If you were not considering IPI in your forex marketing strategies, then it's the right time to begin with it. Keep an eye on all the countries whose currencies you are trading. It is not a complicated data set and you can learn the IPI with faster turnaround.  

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