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How Long Day trading Is Best For a Beginner?

Wed Jan 06 2021 14:38
Can a beginner get good profits through day trading? Well, it is one of the most debated topics about trading. But here we will try to end up on this topic. Many doubts will be cleared, and many questions will be answered in this post. 

As a beginner, there are always many doubts and questions in mind. Everyone wants to know whether intraday trading will be good for him or not.  

In this post, we will discuss how long a beginner can stay in the intraday market. Beginners worry a lot before starting their career in trading. All these worries have a valid reason. 

But what are these reasons? Why are you so worried about day trading? Let's find out how difficult intraday trade is for a beginner. Along with this, we will discuss how beginners can do more profitable trading in the intraday market. 

In this post, we have divided this topic into four parts.  

PART 1: Things A Beginner Requires 
PART 2: Problems That Beginners Face 
PART 3: Things Beginners Should Do 
PART 4: Important Things To Know 

PART 1: Things A Beginner Requires For Day Trading 

Intra-day traders are expert traders. We all know that, but those experts were also beginners someday. 

So don't hesitate if you are a beginner. But what makes you a beginner in day tradingHere are a few things explained. All these things make you a beginner.  

A Beginner Can Succeed Only If He 

Maybe a beginner doesn't have a trading strategy. Maybe he doesn't have an idea of the liquidity and volatility of the forex market. But still, a beginner knows a lot. Following is the list.  

Knows The Basics 

A beginner knows all the basics. He knows the basics of a day-trade market or trading system. He is familiar with the trading platform and trading account relations. A good beginner is one who also knows a little bit about technical analysis.  

Is A Good & Quick Learner 

A day trading beginner is a good and quick learner. He can easily adjust himself to new trading systems. From trading stocks to currencies, he can switch markets easily. 

From price action trading to swing trading, he can switch trading methods easily.  

Is Passionate About Trading 

A beginner is always passionate about day trading. Other than buying or selling, he knows how to trade with more technical knowledge. 

 So what do you think? Are you a beginner? Or you need more knowledge to at least become a beginner. If you are a beginner, then go ahead reading this post. 

PART 2: Problems A Beginner Day Trader Face 

From calculating moving-average to scalping methods, many problems a beginner faces. No matter if he is going to invest in stocks or commodities. 

Technical problems are always there. Check below how problems can impact a day trading plan. 

Quick Decisions 

Make good and quick decisions before you lose money in the market. You have to check chart patterns and then quickly make decisions. It is not only a good thing to make money. 

But also it can help you save your trading portfolio from a breakout. You can use technical indicators to make quick decisions. 

Takes Time To Understand 

Day trading always takes time to understand. Sometimes a single candlestick seems hard to understand in online trading. Sometimes beginners feel it hard to use trading software. In such hard situations, even trading tips fail sometimes.  

Developing Trading Habits 

A day trader is always in the discipline. Without healthy trading routing, one cannot win in short term trading. No matter how strong day trading strategies you are using to trade stocks. 

Getting Out Of Myths 

Before you enter the market, you get surrounded by some trading myths. There are always some myths. Some of them are annoying. Getting out of these myths is never taught in any trading course. You have to do it yourself.  

PART 3: Things A Beginner Must Do  

Now let's look at the things a beginner must do to get profits from day trading. Some of these things are related to trading psychology. Some of them are related to skills and knowledge.  

Follow Someone 

If you are a forex trader in the intraday market, then follow some successful forex traders. Market trading will be so easy if you follow someone. 

You can join a particular trading room. The following someone will help you understand the market sentiment, whether it is bearish or bullish. 

Get Educated 

You must educate yourself before you start trading. Learn to trade using free tutorials and courses. Also, you can buy some paid trading courses. These days it is easy to learn how to trade in an intraday market. 

Try Free Trading 

Free trading is always available to test your skills. You don't have to bear any losses. You don't need any funds and capital as you need in live trading. Demo trading is really good to increase your profitability in the market. 

Practice More 

You can practice more to understand various terms of day trading. From fundamental analysis to margin requirements, try to practice everything.  

Starting With Small Capital 

As a beginner, I always start trading with small capital. Before learning trade management, you need to know more about capital management. Making money will be easy if you know how to manage your funds.  

PART 4: Know It, Before You Trade 

Do you know about the day trading market? Beginners must know how a market works and how traders make profits. Every market has different factors ready to bother traders. 

So always try to know more about the markets. Before you start trading, you can learn it in various trading courses. But there are some more important things to know before you trade. Below are these things.  

How Market Works 

Who controls the market? Who regulates the market? How do traders trade forex or stocks differently? Many questions you should ask yourself before you enter the market. Day trading is different from the buy-and-hold market.  

Trading Strategies 

What kind of trading strategy is used most commonly on day trading platforms? A trading technique makes a huge difference in your trading profits.  


Brokers are always there to cut down your profits. What will be the trading commission on margin trading? A day trader must be familiar with all these things.  

Myths About Day Trading 

There are some myths about day trading. We must have to get rid of these myths before we start trading. You need to forget all these myths before you try the best trading method. So let's figure out these myths also. 

Quick Wealthy Scheme 

Most of the new traders think that day trading can make them rich overnight. No matter what kind of financial instruments they have in their portfolio. But it is completely a myth. 


It is something which works like gambling and there is high risk. No doubt, daily market or day trading is risky. But it is not gambling.  

High Returns 

Some beginners believe that in day trading you can invest less and earn more. Daily trading profits depend upon trade strategy and market trends.  

Works Without Skills 

Day trading is completely another version of technical trading. Trading for beginners might be hard. But it cannot work without skills.  

Summary - Day Trading 

Trading online is easy as compared to traditional trading. But electronic trading has increased competition also. So to make more profits, you need to go through all the above-mentioned parts of this post. 

A beginner can be successful at day trading if he is passionate about it. Coming from a trading academy is also a good thing. So always work more on developing your skills.  

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