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How to Make a Forex Trading Plan in 10 Steps?

Wed Jan 06 2021 14:20
Don't be confused while starting your forex trading career. Most of the new traders start trading without a plan, that is why all of them fail at the end of the day. But you are not here to fail anymore. Success is waiting for you. And this success can be easily achieved with the right forex trading plan. 

Forex Trading Plan - Importance 

A trading plan helps the trader to predefine his actions in every possible circumstance. During live trading, it is not possible to make quick decisions. That is why traders make a plan to predefine their decisions. 

Working this way, a forex trading plan becomes the base of any trading account. Not only in the foreign exchange market but almost in any financial market. Successful traders make plans for them.  

Why A Trading Plan Is Required? 

There are many reasons why planning is important in the forex market. If you trade forex without a plan, the chances of success are always low. Currency trading with planning can bring a lot more. It brings discipline to a forex trader’s life. 

It will be easy to switch between various trading platforms. You can easily become familiar with a trading platform or technique. 

Let's understand how to make a forex trading plan in 10 steps. 
  • Part 1: It talks about the ten steps to make a plan. 
  • Part 2: It talks about making this plan a forex focused plan. 
  • Part 3: Modifying the plan to make it the best.  

Part 1: Make A Master Trading Plan In 10 Steps 

Let's start making a trading plan in these ten simple steps.  

#1. Set Your Goals 

Always try to set your goals before you start trading. Knowing more about traded instruments is your goal? Learning fundamental analysis is your goal? What is your goal from a forex trading plan?  

#2. What’s Your Budget 

As similar to the goals, you must set your budget. When making your trading budget, add important things. These things are like trading commission, spreads, pips, transactional costs, etc. Without setting a budget you will become confused. 

BONUS TIP: If you are here with a misconception that trading makes you rich overnight, then don't go further. It takes time, effort, and knowledge to win trades. 

#3. Figure Out The Risks 

Risks are always there and you must be ready with a risk management plan. Ask yourself what is your risk tolerance? What risk appetite does a particular currency pair have? Use the stop loss feature to control the loss. 

#4. Choose Your Style Of Trading 

Trading style is important in any forex trading plan. Must decide how to trade. Swing trading or scalp trading? Learn how to trade using various trading strategies.  

#5. Choose The Best Broker 

A forex broker is an important role player for your trading portfolio or a forex account. Make a list of top forex traders. Now try to pick one who is offering the most beneficial online forex trading account. Calculate trading commission or forex brokerage before you choose one. 

BONUS TIP: Always try to get a source of motivation for your trading journey. Always follow some expert traders.

#6. Set Entry/Exit Rules 

Entry and exit rules are important if your trading market has high liquidity. Must mention these two things in your trading strategy or forex trading plan. A commodity trader also uses these rules while trading commodities.  

#7. Get The Best Trading Kit 

Various trading tools are used in online trading. From automated trading (algorithmic trading) to mobile trading, many options are there. You must choose the right trading software, trading tool, and trading method. These tools also include trading signals and indicators.  

#8. Evaluate Yourself 

Before you start using a live account, evaluate yourself. What level of knowledge do you have? Learn forex trading more if required. Try to improve your forex knowledge. 

It is among the must to do things in a forex trading plan. Always choose the best forex courses to learn to trade.  

#9. Analyze It More 

Analyze the market and your trading plan; do they seem parallel? Analyze various financial instruments and trading services. Try to read more review guides before you start reading forex charts. Know how markets are leveraged for profits.  

#10. Dedicate Time And Yourself 

You must dedicate yourself to the currencies exchange market. All these trading systems take time to become familiar with and you must dedicate a set period for trading. 

BONUS TIP: Try to start journaling your trading. Start writing all the things that you deserve in a diary. If you hate writing by pen, then start writing digitally. 

Part 2: Make It A Forex Focused Plan 

Now you have a master trading plan, let's make it more suitable for forex trading. Beginners fail to do it, but now everyone can do it. Just follow these important things mentioned below for retail foreign exchange.  

Choose Currency Pairs 

Choose particular currency pairs before you buy or sell currency. Keep in mind the market sentiment such as bullish or bearish. Also, you can try copy trading. Choose any pair using the United States Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, etc.  

Train Yourself 

You have to train yourself for forex marketing before you speculate. Understand forex market volatility.  

Understand Major Forex markets 

Other than trading times, there is a lot to understand about major foreign exchanges. Forex pairs and markets are important in money trading.  

Accept The Reality About Forex 

Before you go to invest your money, accept the reality of forex trading. Most of the beginners fail in forex trading. This is the reality.  

Part 3: Test, Practice And Get Feedback 

You can learn with trading courses and forex news and other sources are also available. But more important is to practice these plans and get feedback from experts. Let us tell you how to do this. 

Test Your Forex Trading Plan 

Many websites offer backtesting for trading strategies. You can also hire individual expert traders or trading managers to do this for you. 

Free Trading 

Free forex or demo trading can be used to try your trading plans, without any loss. 

Analysis & Expert Views 

What’s next to testing and practising the forex trading plan? You can ask some expert traders to analyze your plan and it's tested. You must get expert views on it. Then make changes accordingly.  


Q: Can I take someone’s forex trading plan? 
A: Yes, you can copy someone’s forex trading plan. But before copying, you must compare some factors. Compare and try to know that whether your trading volume, risk, capital match with that trading plan? 

Q: What if I don't have any plan? 
A: It is not a professional way to trade without a trading plan. One can lose its financial capital without a plan. 

Q: What if my forex plan fails? 
A: You need to test and analyze your forex trading plan again. Try getting feedback from experts and do the required modifications to it.  

Summary - Forex trading plan 

Save this post for later to make the best forex trading plan. These simple three steps can simplify everything. Experts are saying it is very complex to make a perfect plan for a beginner. But it can be easy if it is made up considering the above-mentioned things.  

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