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Premier Oil Share Price For 2021

Thu Feb 11 2021 06:24
Premier Oil PLC is a leading oil and gas company and it is developing hubs in many countries. They have their oil and gas production in the UK, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Falkland Islands. Founded in 1934, it's among the preferred stocks of investors as it's a core domain company. 

When it comes to their reserves, Premier Oil plc has proved and probable reserve of over 175M barrels. If you are planning to invest in Premier Oil plc, then we have done the research for you. In this article, we will have a detailed overview of Premier Oil plc shares. 

The shares of Premier Oil plc got a hit from the severe COVID-19 and the prices crashed to critical levels. Many investors are saying that this is the right time to buy and hold Premier Oil plc as it will boom in the future.  

Premier Oil plc: Current Price 

As of now, the share is currently trading at the levels of 21.00 GBX and we can notice gradual improvements in it. As it's among the major oil and gas companies of the UK, investors are bullish about it. The stocks of Premier Oil plc are more volatile than around 75% of the total UK's stocks. 

This is both an opportunity for traders and investors to make money from it. Amid the COVID-19, the share prices did crash to almost half and the correction is due, as per market experts.  

If we look at the performance of the past one month, the share has given positive output in the market. The growth is gradual but it's worth noting that the company is doing well in recovery.  


The share of Premier Oil plc is quite volatile than many other shares listed in the trading market. If we look at the performance of the past year, you can notice the wild ride of volatility. In February 2020, the share was trading at around 101 GBX and today, the share has fallen to its lowest, which is 21.00 GBX. 

In the past four to five weeks, the volatility has reduced from 17% to almost 10% but still, it's on the higher side. If we look at the past 7-day return of the stock, it's around 4.6% which is not bad as compared to many other similar companies.  

Share prices need correction: 

As per industry experts, the shares of Premier Oil plc are undervalued and the correction is due. Considering the company's industry and core fundamental analysis, the share will go higher. 

According to the technical analysis, the company's shares are now trading at 50% of the fair value. So, this could be an opportunity for long-term players to make money from this oil stock. As per the analysis, the shares of Premier Oil plc are trading 20% lower than their fair price. 

If we talk about the price to book ratio of Premier Oil plc, the company is doing well in this section. The PB Ratio of Premier Oil plc is around 0.5X.  

Future Forecast for Premier Oil plc: 

As of now, the current revenue of the company is US $1.095B and the earning is hovering around the US $42.57M. As per the analysis, the company will become profitable in less than four years and the share prices will go up. 

Considering the current growth, and external conditions, this projection is good. This kind of growth projection of Premier Oil plc is above average and investors are bullish. 

The company has a revenue of 2.9% per year which is less than the UK's market but still, it's on the right track. But one thing that investors need to know that the growth of Premier Oil plc is not rapid. It's almost 20% slower than the average market growth of the UK market. 

Still, this company's shares are ideal for playing the long-term game. Coming to the Return On Equity ratio of Premier Oil plc, it will be lower in the upcoming three years.  

Profitable or not — Long Term View 

The historic growth of Premier Oil plc is around 43.8% which is five years. At this point, the company is unprofitable and investors need to keep this in mind. And, if we check the financial numbers, the company has short term assets of $561.3M. 

But, on the other side, the company also has a liability of $2.8B. This is why Premier Oil plc will need at least three years to become profitable in the market. The debt to equity ratio of Premier Oil plc is 428% which is on the higher side as per standard industry numbers.  

Cash Flow Analysis 

In the cashflow area, Premier Oil plc is doing a decent job and investors don't need to worry about it. As of now, the company is having a stable cash flow in the market, which is a good thing. Despite being unprofitable, Premier Oil plc has enough cash runaway for 3 years. 

This much cash runway is more than enough for the company to maintain the gradual growth. But, this will only be profitable if the firm maintains the current growth standards. And coming to the forecast cash runway, the numbers are looking impressive to all. 

As the company has had a cash flow for three years, the growth rate is on the positive side. With the growth in cash flow of 55% per year, it's a good number. 

Dividend Yield: 

The dividend yield is tough to calculate for Premier Oil company because of many reasons. As the company has not done any recent payout for investors, the yield calculation is tough. But, the Premier Oil company paid the dividend almost 6 years back to its investors. 

So, if you are planning to invest in Premier Oil company for generating dividend income, it's not for you. The dividend cover for Premier Oil company is around 3.8%.  

Premier Oil Management 

The average experience of premier oil company board members is around 3.5 years. Investors are quite confident in the management for the future approach. The board members have less experience than other companies, but their vision is good. The company might on-board more top players to their board and it might help in faster growth. 

Many investors prefer to know more about the average experience a company's board has. It helps in gauging the decision making power of the company. If you are a beginner, you should also look into the management profile. If you are planning to invest long-term, then this metric is a must-have in your fundamental review.  


Premier Oil PLC is not profitable as of now but the growth figures look impressive. As an investor, if you are looking for a long-term game, this stock is for you. Premier Oil company will still take around three years to become profitable and you need to know it. 

 As of now, the shares are trading at 21 GBX and if you are looking for a perspective of 7-10 years, then it's a good bet. On the other side, if you need to make short-term profits from oil and gas companies, you can skip this. For sure, Premier Oil company will go profitable in the upcoming time and there is no doubt in this.  

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