Purchase eGLD With Fiat & Spend with Crypto

Thu Jan 14 2021 11:33
As we are moving toward digitization, the trend of cryptos is on the verge. Cryptos are surging despite a dip in the economy and it's attracting a lot of people. It's a clear fact that these currencies are here to stay and it will become more available to all.  

Like traditional banking wallets and systems, there are several crypto services online. These services are helping people to buy or sell bitcoins or other currencies with ease.  

As of now, blockchain tech is growing at a high speed and more companies are doing hands-on. Earlier, the imagination was only finite till bitcoins when it comes to blockchain. But, we are moving towards more digital options, and it's giving firms a chance to launch new services.  

eGLD & Mercuryo services 

Now, anyone can buy eGLD right from their fiat Mercuryo service and it will bring more flexibility for all. Now the customers can buy eGLD using fiat and spend them in the form of cryptos using Crypto MasterCard. 

As of now, crypto players like Coinbase, Binance, and many others have this exchange feature on their platform. And now, Mercuryo is all set to bring this useful feature to improve their eGLD demand across the globe. 

As per the reports, customers can choose USD, GBP, EUR, and some more currencies to buy the eGLD in their wallets.  

More reach towards new customers 

The officials said with this tie-up with the wallet brand, their eGLD will see more demand in the market. With this feature for customers, the eGLD will now take the 10th spot in the ranking of cryptos present online.  

As per the company's officials, this deal will help them to open their market for Ukraine and Turkey. Along with this, the company also has plans to make the brand strong in the global market and Russia's market. 

This simple to use the facility to access the eGLD trading fiat currencies will be a big change. The business partnership will bring a good experience over cryptos to the global users, said the CEO. Mr. Beniamin Mincu also said that they have many plans to make their presence in the global market. Their team is working over delivering a smooth experience to people across the world.  

Mercuryo & VISA cards with BTC support 

With this current partnership, customers will be able to spend their cryptos across the globe. As of now, more than 35 million shops all over the world accept crypto payments. And the eGLD platform is offering many services to attract new customers. 

With this integration, companies can change their widget and allow crypto buying. With this new support, eGLD will reach more than 100+ business partners that are using already the Mercuryo platform. 

As there are already big businesses present on the platform, it will be easy for eGLD to go popular with normal payment options.  

Mercuryo over the selection process 

Over the new entry of eGLD on the platform, the co-founder also gave some vital information. He said any crypto needs to go through a long process of verification that has many factors. 

The company's process is for finding out how reliable the cryptocurrency is for its users. Reliable, sustainable, available, and secure are some of the key criteria of Mercuryo.  

Founder Greg Waisman said that the eGLD has also an interesting model for revenue growth and a better experience. This is the reason why the Mercuryo platform is keen to enroll them and let their customers access them. 

Growth in the user base 

The Mercuryo partnership will play a vital role in the growth of the Elrond systems as it will help in bringing more users. It will offer its customers direct access to all the key payment-making platforms. 

The customers can buy eGLD using fiat currency and spend them in crypto, using a MasterCard crypto card. This special feature will attract more new customers.  

As the digital currencies are growing at a pace, eGLD will soon get more popular like other entities like bitcoins. The company is expecting a good response from the customers as it's a more flexible way of spending the cryptos.  

Know about Elrond 

For those who don't know Elrond is a modern blockchain model and the designers have made it from scratch. The ultimate goal behind making this blockchain model is to improve the execution speed and throughput. To make these changes happen in reality, the company has two main new models. 
  • Adaptive State Sharding mechanism 
  • Secure Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm 
With these two new concepts, the company will be able to get higher speeds and efficient performances. As of now, the Elrond platform can handle up to 10 thousand transactions per second. 

Along with this, the Elrond platform has a latency of five seconds, and it can offer services at fewer prices. The main vision of this company to be a leading brand when it comes to crypto transactions on a global level.  

Know about Mercuryo 

Mercuryo is a finance company and it's a payment provider to many brands across the globe. Mercuryo platform has a big database of crypto exchanges and independent wallets. This platform is among the most popular and transparent transaction methods. 

Mercuryo is popular for its high trust, easy policies, no hidden fees, and high transaction speed. If anyone is about to use crypto services, Mercuryo is among the best platforms to start.  

Mercuryo has an experienced team that keeps improving its security and user experience. This is the reason people prefer Mercuryo over many other low-cost platforms. And, as it has now added eGLD, more new customers will now join this platform for sure.  

Benefits to customers  

With these new features, customers will now be able to eGLD crypto services with more ease. The growth of cryptos is visible to all and this new move will help more customers to enter this ecosystem. 

It's a fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay with us in the future and it's vital to adopt these systems. Many countries are already working towards adopting these decentralized systems. Countries like the US, UK, and Russia are pacing up their operations for crypto use.  

With this integration, customers will get low-cost transactions with higher security all time. This is more secure and secret than regular bank actions and we can call it inflation-free. 

If someone has not used the crypto for regular transactions, they can start by buying a small part. This convenience will help to get people on-board in this ecosystem and it will also help companies to make profits.  


This new service is a beginning towards a more modern payment ecosystem and more people will join it. Be it eGLD, bitcoins, or other cryptos, the popularity will grow in the upcoming time. 

If you are not yet in using cryptos, this is the right time to start using them. Cryptos are not only safe but also fast, and easy to manage entities.  

As of now, more shopping centers, banks, and online shops are taking cryptos, the future is bright. This new crypto ecosystem will help both the companies and users to get more profits. So, if you are still not using cryptos, start with a small amount and experience how this tech feels like.   

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