Richard Blumenthal, Us Senator Will Limit The Use Of Encryption

Wed Jan 13 2021 10:45
Democratic incumbent US senior senator from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal has represented EARN IT Act in the US. This act is going to limit the use of encryption. Limited use of encryption means that the govt will have more options to crack privacy. 

Different services will face an impact on this decision that the govt is planning to apply. Encryption is not only used in Whatsapp messenger but also in various services. Also, financial technologies like blockchain technology will get a hit by this act. 

But why is the government doing so? Many reasons are why US senior senator Richard Blumenthal represented this act. EARN IT stands for (Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies) Act. The government says that this act is to bring online security for the users.  

What else has the government said? 

Also, the govt has stated that this act will ensure that there is no child sex abuse crime going on in the country. That is why the government wants to apply this act. But, the whole tech industry is opposing this act. 

They claim that the government’s new act has nothing to do with the cybersecurity or child abuse cases. This act will only end the encryption and it will weaken the privacy of internet users. 

What Is End-To-End Encryption? 

First of all, we have to understand the role of end-to-end encryption. What role does it play in our daily life? Because we are too much related to the internet these days. So it is very important to know what end-to-end encryption. 

You can find the answer in your Whatsapp messenger mobile application. Whenever you open up a new chat, it shows a small message. Which says that WhatsApp chats have end-to-end encryption. Which means only the sender and the receiver can read this message.  

No third party, no security agencies, no government agencies, and even not the Whatsapp company can read your messages. So it gives a privacy cover for the users of Whatsapp. 

Cryptographic currency, which we call cryptocurrencies are also designed in the same way. They have the highest level of encryption in the world. But with the US government’s EARN, IT Act. It won't be possible for technology companies to maintain encryption. 

Important Things To Know About Encryption 

The most important thing about encryption is that users get privacy with it. We all know that the internet is full of malware, trojans and hackers. So data security is a very important thing. 

Every day new technologies come to present more security and encryption to internet users. If there is no encryption then more than half of the internet services will lose privacy. 

Why Is It Important? 

Till now, most people think that encryption is vital for messaging apps and other social media platforms. But don't you know that encryption is most important for the financial technology companies and their services? 

Without encryption, there will be no privacy and security provided to users or online investors. That is why tech companies are worried about the EARN IT Act. 

Why Is It Harmful? 

Encryption is also considered as a harmful thing by the government and its agencies. Because it doesn't allow anyone to check what is sent and received by two entities, organizations and individuals. 

For national security, policing and internal affairs, encryption is considered a harmful thing. That is why the government is always opposing encryption. While internet users always stand with encryption because it ensures their privacy. 

What Is The EARN IT Act? 

Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act or EARN IT Act is represented by the US senator Richard Blumenthal. Not only the US but the whole world is talking about this new act represented by the senator. 

This act will bring a lot of changes to the world of the internet. From social media to financial technologies, everywhere you will see the impact. Because encryption is not only used by social media platforms, but it is part of almost every internet-based technology.  

No matter if it is related to finance, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence or any other industry. That is why the government is worried about the high level of privacy. Because no government agency is allowed to track, check or read the information which is encrypted.  

That is why this act is here so that technology companies will allow govt agencies to crack the encryption and privacy. 

Why Govt. Represents This Act? 

Government is not saying that this act is to crack the privacy of internet users. But it is stating the child abuse as the reason behind this act. US senator Richard Blumenthal represented this act and said that we want to ensure that there are not child abuse activities out there in the US. 

Senator said that Zoom video calls are being used by almost everyone in the country.  

A lot of information is shared using this application or communication technology. But the technology company has never provided any info on how it is helping the govt in protecting the children online.  

Department Of Justice Statement 

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has never said this in the bill that the EARN IT Act will be used to crack the encryption.
They never mentioned encryption and its uses in the bill. If we have a look at the department of justice’s statement then we will realise that it is talking about the child abuse cases.  

Department said that if these tech companies use high-end encryption, then it will be a risk to child safety. Because it becomes hard for the government to track any child abuse cases out there.  

See What Govt. Officials Say 

Government officials are never slamming the encryption. But they are worried about law enforcement. This is what the government and its departments say about the EARN IT Act. But, all the government officials or senators are making different statements about it. Some of them say that the EARN IT Act is not targeting privacy.  

While some mention that encryption and extra privacy is a risk to law enforcement. The SU senator Richard Blumenthal has never mentioned encryption anywhere in his statements. 

He is only talking about child safety, data security, national security, more. But Attorney General William Barr is talking about the encryption. He says that if these technology companies encrypt every piece of information then it won't be good for law enforcement. 

How Does the Tech Industry Overlook This Act? 

The whole tech industry has opposed the EARN IT Act and slammed the government and its officials. President and CEO for IT Industry Council, Jason Oxman has stated that with this act the govt is trying to forbid privacy. 

There will be limits on encryption after this decision and it will leak out the privacy of users. For your information, this council consists of big technology companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, etc. 


You can see that all these technology companies are very serious about encryption. Because it provides their users with a secure, private and safe platform. It ensures that the user's data is not stolen in any way and no third party can track the information. 

But on the other side, the US senators are representing bills like this to protect the children. But in an indirect way, it will give back doors to the government to see what is being shared. 

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