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Top Successful Female Stock Traders Globally

Wed Jan 06 2021 13:47
Top traders always motivate beginners but what if there are females in top traders? Do you know about the top successful female stock traders? Don't worry, we will let you know about them but why is it important to know this?  

The success stories of top traders always motivate new traders. So as a female trader you want a female role model for you. So here we are with the list of top female traders. 

These female traders have proved that they are brilliant. Being a woman you can also achieve success in stock trading. Yes, there are some rumors about female stock traders.  

Female Stock Traders Those Inspire Us 

So let's start our list of top female stock traders. These female traders inspire all of us. They will teach how to make trading systems more profitable. Some of them trade stocks only. While some trade forex and other financial instruments also.  

Some traders are also selling their trading course. You can choose any of them as your role model. Just pick their trading plan and traded asset. Now implement the same credentials in free trading. You can succeed in the forex market with their trading strategies. So let's get started. 

#1. Geraldine Weiss 

Geraldine Weiss is at the top of the list of female stock traders. She was an investor rather than a stock trader. She learned everything on her own. She succeeded in trading at a time when no women were there in trading. 

In 1966 she was publishing her newsletter about the investment news. Her trading account was full of top successful stocks. Day traders follow her tactics in the day-trading market. 

Even the commodity, futures trading and trading stocks made easy with her strategies.  

#2. Kathy Liene 

She went to the business school but had never taken any trading courses. She started her career in financial markets at the age of 18. Her strategies are implemented in swing trading on almost every trading platform. 

She is also one of the successful female stock traders. She is an expert at taking price action during live trading.  

#3. Muriel Siebert 

Who says trading forex or fundamental analysis is not for women? A woman proved that they can do it better than men without ever going to college. 

She is Muriel Siebert, who is among the top female stock traders. She proved herself in the stock-market not to make money only. But she also proved that one can learn without attending any college.  

#4. Linda Raschke 

Linda Raschke has been using trading platforms since the 1980s. She used to trade stocks and stock options. She is one of the top female stock traders who trade in bearish markets. If you are in online trading for a long time, you must know about her.  

#5. Tracy Britt Cool 

Tracy Britt Cool has worked with the best trading companies as Berkshire Hathaway. She worked there at a time when Warren Buffet was the CEO. She learned from his trading tips. 

Now she is among the top female stock traders. She developed many trading systems to make it a profitable business for her. From intraday to long term trading, you can use her strategies.  

#6. Jennifer Fan 

How can we not include her in the list of female stock traders? Jennifer Fan is an expert in commodities. She used to work as a portfolio manager, hedge fund manager, etc. 

Now she has a hedge funding company worth $650 million. She invests in energy and agricultural products more than anything else. But she has also been involved in currency trading.  

She is good at understanding technical things at a very young age. She got a degree in finance from the business school at the age of 19. She knows the core of charting, stops loss, moving-average, and other things. She also worked with many brokerage firms. 

#7. Abigail Johnson 

Let's talk about financial instruments other than stocks, currencies, and commodity futures. What’s left behind? It is mutual funds. Have you listened about the largest mutual funds company known as Fidelity investments? 

Abigail Johnson is the chairperson of this company. Yes, she got that company established by her grandfather. But still, she worked hard to become the chairperson of this company.  

#8. Deborah A. Farrington 

Never lose temper when you are about to lose money. Deborah A. Farrington, one of the top female stock traders, teaches this lesson. She works amazingly with liquidity, chart patterns, and support and resistance. 

She controls her emotions in bullish or bearish markets. That is why we are talking about her success. As soon as she has an opportunity she goes to invest her money. 

#9. Abby Joseph Cohen 

Making money is easy for women also if they become stock traders. Abby Joseph Cohen is one of the best examples of female stock traders. You can read about her in many tutorials. 

You can also make money like her. She is just like a trading academy for new female traders. She has proved that stock market trading is made for women.  

#10. Lubna S. Olayan 

Use a trading software or a reversal technique to copy her market trading tactics. Lubna S. Olayan is one of the major investors of the stock market. 

She was listed in the Forbes most powerful women list. She is the CEO of Olayan Financing Company. She is always included in the list of top ten female stock traders.  

#11. Mandi Pour Rafsendjani 

Mandi Pour Rafsendjani is a German-Australian trader. Mandi was born in Germany. But now she trades from Melbourne, Australia. Other than stocks she trades futures, foreign currencies, and indices. You can learn a lot from her strategies.  

She is an expert at playing with trading psychology. We all know that playing with trading psychology is the main thing in the stock market. Most of the female stock traders are not good at this. But Mandi Pour Rafsendjani has changed the perspective of others with her mindset. 

#12. Raghee Horner 

She is more interested in commodities, ETFs, and futures. And she is best at trading futures and money trading. Many traders trade on margin using her forex trading strategies. 

Whether it is short term trading or long term, she succeeds, she is not among the top female stock traders. But she is always on the list of the world's top female investors.  

Summary: Female stock traders 

All the above mentioned female stock traders have various qualities. There are different strengths that they have in them. Some of these traders are good at analyzing. While the others are good at understanding trading psychology. But there are few things common in all of them.  

Rather than following a single trader, learn from all. You can read more about them and learn to trade. It will be great fun to learn how to trade from their success stories. Trading is not only about financial and technical things. It is closely related to the mindset of a human being.  

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