historical data for Europe listed ETFs

Where can I Find Historical Data for Europe Listed ETFs?

Wed Jan 06 2021 14:10
ETFs data is important for you as a global trader. Many websites offer the current year data with analytics. But historical data for Europe listed ETFs dataset is hard to find for newcomers. 

But there are some reliable resources for such databases also. These databases can be easily taken from authentic servers.  

Here we are going to talk about the major database providers. These are the specific database providers that have datasets with specific requirements. 

No need to involve the foreign exchange data if you are a stock trader only. So all these things are kept in mind when these datasets are prepared. The following data providers are providing authentic historical data for Europe listed ETFs.  

Databases That Have Historical Data For Europe Listed ETFs 

Many databases are developed after researching different exchanges. Whether they belong to equities or futures. They are analyzed to generate various reports. Similarly, the Exchange-traded funds market is also analyzed.

ETF markets are used to build investment portfolios by many investors. Because such datasets can help traders a lot. Especially a trader who trades securities, futures, stocks, and bonds, gets the most help. So let us tell you about the sources of such datasets.  

#1. ETF - Database 

Mostly known as Etfdb.com. This data source is at the top of our list with some valid reasons as it has all kinds of databases. Whether you are an intraday trader or long term. The broad availability of any kind of data products, make it better than others. The ETF database is based in the USA.  


Easy Data access is one of the major qualities. ETFdb has datasets with hourly current reports for up to 20 years for historical data for Europe listed ETFs. 

They have data for up to 20 years & mostly they focus on stock-exchange rather than forex. It will be good to use this dataset for the stock-market. No matter if you belong to NASDAQ, NYSE, or Wall-Street.  

#2. US News 

It is not a particular data provider. But for historical data for Europe listed ETFs then US news is a good source. It has new data along with 10 years of historical market data. From indexes to stock-price data-set, get everything here easily.  


The best feature is that it is easy to understand the charts. The historical along forecast data is amazing. The user experience is great while reading it on the US news. 

Your trading day can become better using this service. Comparing averages to open interest, everything is easy.  

#3. Trend Rating 

Trend Rating is a Switzerland based data service provider. Many brokers will recommend it for historical data for Europe listed ETFs. They also have commodity and crude oil data-sets. They provide aggregated reports for hedge fund managers.  


Trend Rating uses a trend capturing methodology & this method is amazing. That is why it is used by individuals, organizations, investors, and managers. Many derivatives are covered in the Trend Rating data-set.  

#4. Gauld Baum 

If you want easier to understand historical data for Europe listed ETFs. Then must choose the Gauld Baum data set for you. It is based in Luxembourg. 

They provide quality data services for the clients. From pricing data of stock prices to the fixed income of mutual funds. End-of-day performance and past performance data are also included. 


Gauld Baum's dataset will not only provide historical data. But also it will give you consolidated analytics options. You can analyze and compare the stock-exchanges. 

Liquidity and volatility are always considered important here. You can generate your reports with these datasets. They provide you complete information about treasury and fixed income of stocks. 

#5. Quandl 

This Canadian database provider has data fees and subscriptions. Its database has deep core technical things. From stock quotes to the industrial average. You can retrieve the composite index data in CSV format also.  


Quandl provided global financial data. Many market makers use this data for backtesting and Quandl also provides accurate historical data for Europe listed ETFs. They provide API access along with a research platform. 

#6. IHS Markit 

IHS Markit is the UK based perfect data kit. Use it for any market sentiment, whether it is bullish or bearish. 

It is widely used historical data for Europe-listed ETFs as it covers from global to market-based on the region. Financial markets depend upon charting and IHS provides it in the best way. 


IHS Markit provides comparison reports for globally traded assets. It is the perfect data source to get historical data for Europe listed ETFs. You can get the database for any time-period.  

#7. Factset 

If you believe the USA based databases more than anything else. Then Factset is a vital source for historical data for Europe listed ETFs.  


Yes, it is also based in the US. Choose any ETFs, and you will get all its trading activity. 

Along with it, you can get computer-based reports. These reports have factors like brokerage, moving averages, dividend, and trading volume. 

The data delivery speed in this service provider is amazing. Download and use any heavy to a low volume data file.  

#8. Xignite  

Xignite, a name which is believed by most of the institutional investors. Xignite is one of the advanced market data solutions. It makes it easy to take trading decisions. Many financial auctions conducted by financial-services use this data source. 


Implementing any complex trading strategies is easy with such databases. The MarketWatch process has become easy with it.  

Historical Data for Europe Listed ETFs - Importance 

Viewing quotations and examining declining rates is not only important in trading. Analyzing the valuation of market trends is important. It gives you a snapshot of the broad global markets. 

A market summary of historic data is also good. But the whole historical data is the best solution.  

ETFs and their historical data are used as reference data for many markets. From stock markets to equity markets, it will be useful. Analyzing historical stock data is important to predict the forecasting data. 

That is why most traders always calculate the exchange-rates of the past. They try to find future prices for stocks or any other assets. 

Conclusion - Historical data for Europe listed ETFs 

Historical data is important even if you are an intraday trader. You may need intraday data with a historical context. Your investment decisions are going to be affected by historic data. Similarly, for the stock market traders, historical data for Europe Listed ETFs is important. 

There are several sources to collect the data but getting it with high accuracy is not that important. You must choose historic data that is accurate and precise. We hope you will find these sources for Europe listed ETFs useful and worthy for your analysis. 

Start analysing the data using these ETFs and improve your trading positions in the market. We recommend you visit all and then check which Europe listed ETF source is suitable for you.  

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