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Where To Go To Learn Forex Trading Strategies For Free?

Wed Jan 06 2021 14:35
Just go and search on Google with the word forex trading strategies for free. You will get thousands of results with dozens of proven and popular forex trading strategies. 

But it is hard to just read about a strategy and implement it right after it. You need proper guidance and learning to use a forex trading strategy. This guidance and learning can be available at various sources. 

So today, we are going to tell you how you can learn forex trading strategies for free. No doubt we will talk about paid trading courses also, but more importantly, we will talk about the free source of learning.  

Also, we will tell you about some popular trading strategies and their importance. Before you go ahead, share this post to spread the knowledge with your trading partners.  

Sources To Learn Forex Trading Strategies For Free 

Many sources are available for traders to learn and make the forex market more profitable for them. A trading system provides various strategies from day-trading to long term trading. 

A trader can choose any of them based on different factors. Some strategies focus on forex indicators and some focus on stop-loss features. Let's figure them out. 

#1. Experts 

Market volatility makes technical analysis a difficult task for a forex trader. But traders can follow some experts that provide free learning. Also, you can join webinars to learn forex trading strategies for free. 

Experts will help you a lot to trade forex pairs with desired currencies. Also, you can find an expert in your local area to learn about forex strategies. 

#2. Journals/Guides/Blogs/Books 

If you don't have time to go and find an expert in your local area. Then you can use books to learn about the most used forex strategies. There are many journals, guides, blogs, and books available. 

A high volume of currencies traded by traders after learning from this source. This source of learning is affordable for every trader. You can find it easily available on the internet and use it on your trading account. 

#3. Trading Courses 

Before you learn forex trading strategies for free you must adapt a master trading plan. You can take a complete course for trading. These courses won't only teach you strategies but also help you build a trading plan for you. 

Some of these courses will also allow you to use live trading features. Yes, most of the courses are not available for free. But it is worth spending a few dollars for long term growth. 

#4. Testing Softwares 

Testing software is used to test your forex strategies. This software is available for free or paid for both. This software will tell you which strategy is working in the market and which one is not working. 

So it will be good to use this software if you want to learn using strategies. The reports and chart patterns will be generated for your strategy. 

These deep level reports will explain the meaning of every candlestick. So it will be so helpful for a day trader and a long term trader also.  

#5. Paid Backtesting 

Many websites and companies are there providing trading services to the traders. Most of them also provide an individual trading platform. Which means you can trade via their trading platforms also.

The most useful service is to give them your foreign exchange strategy. Experts will test forex trading strategies for free.  

#6. Demo Trading 

If you have good knowledge of trading, then you can also test forex trading strategies for free on your own. Many websites are there providing free trading options. 

They provide you with demo trading. Some demo accounts also give your real-time trading signals. The real-time trading of currency pairs without money will be so good.  

#7. Back Testing 

You can do it on your own. However, beginners will find it hard to do on their own. It is similar to the paid backtesting. But now you will use historical data to try your forex strategy with that data. 

From fundamental analysis to all the candlesticks, everything will give you clarity about strategy. We recommend you to do backtesting before real-time currency trading.  

Forex Trading Strategies - Free Use 

These strategies can be easily derived from various websites.  

#1. Day Trade 

Intraday trading is one of the most common strategies. It is easy to learn how to trade as an intraday trader. If you know how to use leverage to trade on margin.  

#2. Swing Trade 

If you think that day trading is full of risks then try your hands on swing trading. Swing trading forex charts are easy to understand. Because your trading sessions will be longer than a day.  

#3. Position Trade 

If you have the patience to use the currency-market, then position trade is best among all the other forex strategies. Use trading tips you get legally from the market to invest for a longer period. 

#4. Transition Trade 

This forex strategy uses different trading psychology. In this strategy, you wait for the market sentiment to change. It is one of the effective forex trading strategies for free to use.  

#5. Scalping Method 

With strict exit rules and a big amount to invest, you can do scalping. This strategy works very finely to make profits on small price fluctuations.

#6. Price Action Method 

In online trading, the price action method has become a famous strategy. Some of the traders call it the best forex strategy.  


Also, you know how these strategies can be learned. Various sources, from forex brokers to fx-market experts, are available. 

One can get forex training from courses and tutorials also. Now it is also important to know about the importance of these trading strategies.  


Following are some benefits of using forex trading strategies.  
  • High returns: A forex trading system based on a specific strategy will give you high returns. 
  • Cost-effective: Some strategies cost less than automated trading software.  
  • Controlled risk: There will be fewer chances to lose money. It will become cost-effective for you to trade currency pairs. 


On a majority basis, there are two types of FX trading strategies. You can learn to trade with both of these strategies. 


Manual trading strategies are used mostly in retail forex. They are developed manually by humans. Focusing on trend lines and then capturing the past performance are some basic steps.  


It is also known as algorithmic trading in foreign exchange. There are many forex trading strategies for free, and most of them are automatic. In this expert, advisors are used for money trading.  

Summary - Forex trading strategies for free 

Trading currencies can be made easy with some forex trading strategies. There are always both of the options available. From paid strategies to forex trading strategies for free. 

Both options are their trading market. It is all up to you which trading approach you choose for yourself. It keeps you in the discipline. 

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